For the first time since the 1990's Fuct is re-releasing a series of ape graphics.
Originally printed in the early to mid 1990's these graphics have come to represent some of Fuct's core ideologies that would come to define the brand for the next 30+ years. The use of the Planet of The Apes film references within the designs were a part of the reapporopriation of familiar imagery that Fuct utilized, and still utilizes, in graphics/designs.
The re-released graphics that will be dropping have been separated and screen-printed exactly how they were executed in the 1990's *not digital direct to garment printing, which is very prominent in today’s printing process. The graphics will be printed on the same blanks as they were issued on in the 90s. Champion crewneck fleece and Hanes Beefy-T Shirt
The Fuct Ape re-issue drop will be available on www.fuct.com on Friday, June 17th at 12 pm pst.